Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hay Hay

Hayley (pronounced /ˈheɪli/) is a given name and a surname of Old English origin that means "from the hay meadow",[1]although it has been suggested that it is from the Old Norse word "haela" meaning "hero"

she came in a little package, she came as a surprise.
when he told me quite confidently almost in a conceited manner that she is a girl,
I prayed that she would have big eyes.

some nights I wonder why did God bless me so quickly with another while I was left years waiting for my first.
I saw a beautiful model, brunette, dark brown eyes in the discovery channel one night. Brightest smile.
if i had a daughter, I wish for her to be like her.. A Hayley.

Hayley a Hero.
She lives up to her name

Her stem cells was collected during birth in hope that one day...
She was only two when she took a tissue from the box to wipe the tears off my face
She shifts the stray strands of hair off my face with her tiny fingers
She gives tiny massage to me, my relatives and friends
She brings her brother to class before going to her own
She asked others to leave her brother alone and not to bully him (a privilege she reserves for herself)

She thinks she knows alot so she has plenty to share
we call her auntie becos she reminds us of one..
She Nags
just that day she asked me to wear my clothes properly.

God knew I needed an Angel .. but he know I am a skeptic.. So Hay.

Mama loves you.. happy birthday baby. you are mama's hero.