Thursday, August 20, 2009

the fan

when I was young,
I used to sit in a classroom
which had no aircon
it came only with a ceiling fan

turning and turning

one day when I looked up
the ceiling fan didn't look quite fasten to the ceiling
it swing violently
the only thing that is holding it was the wires
and it looked as if it was going to fall off the ceiling

I was rather terrified
I was afraid it would drop and chop my head off with its crazy swinging out of control blades

It didn't of course

ceiling fans only existed in school and hospitals
not in HDB flats cos the ceiling were just too low for them

when I came to malaysia
I was surprised to find them in houses

Eventually I got a chance to own a house of my own
and I had to make a choice between standing fan or the ceiling fan
the fear of crazy ceiling fan never left me
But they told me the ceiling fan is more effective in cooling room area than standing fan
and they also explained to me that one must fasten a hook on the beam
and the fan will be hooked to the beam hence it is very very safe
I bought the ceiling fan and got some expert to install it

it turns and cools the room
but I still stare at it and take photo of it
becos you just never know...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Waitng for Harvest

cut the trees,
clear the land,
plough the fields,
sow the seeds,
nurse the young,
pluck the weeds,
watch the crops,
sit and wait
watch up the sky,
feel the heat.. feel the damp
work the fields,
wait for harvest
as green turns to gold
harvest is good

season after seasons
they pray to the sky
they pray that the unforeseen will be taken care of..
they did what we do

with eyes half blind we followed our guts
we whispered a prayer and do what needed to be done
we worked "the fields"
with sweats, tears and blood though they are almost hard to see

we have physical muscles to show
but we know we are tough as bulls
we know that regardless how the locust plagues
we will not forsake
a mission we were call upon to do
so when it time to harvest
the dance is for God and us
for we know the harvest is good
the Harvest is for us.


O.. Pull it out.
yank it.
Draw out your syringe
relieve me the pain
Spread the word
pain is unbearable
you animal..
You've punctured a hole..
draw whatever you want
but withdraw your syringe..
relieve me..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Definitely Not Necessary

Plagues happen due to negligence.
Due to conceitedness
Due to intended forgetfulness
I was at the accident and emergency ward today and a few days ago.
like a war zone, the casualties are flooding through the doors.
Everyone is wearing mask. Cannot tell who has the flu and who hasn't.
I start to think why are there so many people becoming sick.
Poor nutrition.. due to the poor quality of food produce.
stress lack of sleep....pollution.. bad water..

then Plague strikes and suddenly everything is forced to a halt.
everything everyone is scrutinised
when the drugs don't work..
we humble ourselves to seek help from our divine forces

Precaution is better than cure..
Do take care..