Monday, March 30, 2009

Slowing Down

I was driving today. Like usual when one is driving the direction to look is always ahead.
I realised I never notice the little curb by the side of the road as I am traveling. 
One cannot afford to look. 
When my car stopped, I took the one min opportunity to look at what's next to me, ahead of me and above me. 
and I took some pictures. Split seconds and things which I would never have noticed is documented. Modern technology enabling  us to document life, all things big and small. As every second passed, I realised I can never relive them so I am grateful I have pictures of those many seconds, forever in pictures. Sharing them with you tonight.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Expressions

expression 1 : opps I have said something wrong.. sorli sorli
expression 2: what da f... is that?
expression 3: Hmm I wonder if....
expression 4: secretly peeping at someone else
expression 5: looking at the weird blogs and comments.  

Good Night. I have overblogged again.

Primitive Hour

Just One Hour then its back to our usual ways.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Values definition from wiki..

A personal and cultural value is a relative ethic value, an assumption upon which implementation can be extrapolated. A value system is a set of consistent values and measures that are not true. A principle value is a foundation upon which other values and measures of integrity are based. Values are considered subjective, vary across people and cultures and are in many ways aligned with belief and belief systems. Types of values include ethical/moral values, doctrinal/ideological (political, religious) values, social values, and aesthetic values. It is debated whether some values are intrinsic.

Value of a product within the context of marketing means the relationship between the consumer's expectations of product quality to the actual amount paid for it. It is often expressed as the equation :

Value = Benefits / Price

or alternatively:

Value = Quality received / Expectations

Many other definitions are not included in this post.. please check wiki for full list of definitions.

Tonight I am sharing this word with you becos I am given the daunting task of thinking a concept for a new campaign. I have the word in my head but am wondering how to present it. I search for a meaning. I admit and believe VALUE is important, without it life would be meaningless. There will be chaos. We won't know how to manage our resources or how to prioritise. There will be no form of measure. Mathematics, ethics, chemistry social, political, family each has a set of values. Value influence our decisions. each person definition vary based on our background and circumstances

The most universal standard for value definition is Money. Quite honestly money is just metal or paper. the 1 dollar is made with the same paper as the 1000 dollars. but becos human gave it a value, the two item made out of the same paper is perceived differently. We quantify values by giving numbers so it become a tangible form. But what about values for some thingswhich we cannot quantify, how do they measure up? In a material obsessed world, are they less important?

Like a mother's love what's the number value for it. How about Pride, how much can it cost? Friendship? Companionship? Health ?Beauty? Smell of fresh air in the forest? When they have no quantifiable value, does it mean they can be taken for granted? Free for all? we can just take and take and take becos we need not pay. When is enough? How would we know if there a shortage? Will you enlighten me with your thoughts, my friends?

I like a story. A fisherman has a house by the sea, he has a son. He told his son: "don't be like me, there is a world out there. Study hard, get a good wage earning job in the city." The son grew up,listened to his father's advice,studied hard, graduated got himself a good wage earning job. He work very hard in the city, climbing up his corporate ladder earning alot of money. Eventually, he grew sick of working, took his hard earn money, built himself a house by the sea and retired. He fishes as a hobby. Fisherman thought a life in the city, working in a corporate world is more valuable than his life. His son after acquiring wealth from working, retired and bought himself a house by the sea and go fishing just like his father. He could have had it all his life but it had a different values then and now. 

We humans started out with basics, enjoying nature, working with raw materials, went to build a frivolous world only to later realise we want nothing more than a simple life. That explain the trend of minimalism. (this is just my take) 

What is the real value of life? Do certain things truly deserve the value instated to it or is it just a figment of our creative imagination. Thanks for sharing your valuable time reading this. Not quantifiable but it means alot to me

Thursday, March 26, 2009


你来自远方。寒冷。 结霜。
取了热暖。 把沙滩弄脏。
direct translation (english standard: broken)
sun was shining, passionate and warm
you came from afar, cold winter, frosting,
arriving at the beach,you saw the sun,
failing to admire, as if the rooster was talking to the duck.
nevermind that, you went on to pour ice,
taking away the warmth, dirtying the beach.

p.s. the author was angry, the author has writer block, the author sent a private invitation for this person from afar to visit her beach. Thank God for this person stayed on to accompany the lonely author on the beach with no sunscreen provided.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birth of a Passion I

Graphic Design.
I am a closet graphic designer. Like a closet gay, I will not confess. 
I fear being rejected for I am not trained. I stand in the midst of designers and their designs with awe and envy. The clever ever flowing creativity, wondering to myself, where did it all come from. how how how do they do it?

I wish I have realised it earlier, this burning inside, deep deep within. I search to see if there were any signs of this passion during my childhood days. How did graphic design burn such a mark into me.

When i first learnt to ask what's my dad's occupation, he told me he is a graphic technician. I was only 8 maybe. I don't know what that means then.  Everyday is haphazard but Saturday is bookshop day for him. He would hang out in Shanghai Bookstore and Commercial Book store just chatting for hours with his friends. It was a weekly gathering. I followed him every now and then. While they are chatting, I would sit in a corner either listening to them talk or run off to the children books section to look at books.I must admit its more the layout, pictures and colour which captivated me than the actual stories. Weeks after weeks, months after months, years after years.

I developed a passion, almost undying love for designs when creativity, words, colours, pictures comes together, crossing all media platforms. the colours,the colours of the photos, the size of the fonts, the space between the words, tells little little stories like human 's body language.
So much is said even before you speak. So fascinating. 

I am afraid to step out of my closet. I love it so much that I fear if truly one day if I become one who design I would resent this love of my. what a dilemma.  Patience, no hurry, no hurry cos I am half way there. with a little coaching, a little inspiring, a little practice i may just be able to make it one day.

The thought I would like to share is when you are lost, backtrack backtrack, trace back the steps from which you came from. Find that little something that bring that smile, make your stomach weak. Find that burning passion whether is sewing, photography, listening to bird sings, riding on a motobike, cooking, talking to old folks, nursing the sick, exercising, drawing, politics, fashion, dancing.... embrace that cos that's where you find your soul.

p.s The other passion: Singing (another day).

words of wisdom

words of wisdom were spoken,
one hour of quality time, twice a week, 
focus focus. The key to all greatness is this one hour.
That one hour will determine your child's destiny.
One hour can treat their self confidence issues, learning difficulties etc.
I believe I need  many one hours of many things.

One hour of quality time with Kobe, Hayley and Raymond (3 hours), one hour of quality time with my mom and dad (1/2 hour each), one hour with my siblings (1/2 hour each), one hour with my friends (1/4 hour each), one hour for myself and God (1/2 hour each), one hour to do the must-dos eat,brush teeth,makeup,dress up,shit etc (1/8 hour each), one hour to sort your work, one hour to do your work, one hour to travel(could well be more). one hour of *blank*. 

Hours and hours. there's only 24 hours a day, out of which 8 hour goes to sleeping so 16 hours left. 

I cannot keep tracks of my hours. I just know that I need some sort of time management, sorting out which hour to do what. if I live to be 66, I will have 262,800 hours to use in total. 
not alot of hours to think about it. I can't even be a millionare in hours. I will commit my one hour to my precious cos i don;t know how many of their one hours will be left for me.
thanks dora for inspiring me tonight.

I will give earth one hour. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Princess Convention

3 days convention
calling for all princesses to attend
encourage to bring your own entourage
wear the appropriate attire i.e. tiara, rings, necklace, puffy princess gowns, elaborate hairdos
help distinguish you from commoners
Kings and queens are expected to pay admission
Main topic of convention: what to look for when choosing your future prince
Must sing, look great in tights, swing around like monkeys, slay villains and dragons to save you, most importantly carry you around with one hand regardless of your body weight.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing Supper

its 11.54 and I am not having supper. 
I am not going for my teh tarik.
I am going cold turkey. 
My stomach is yelling, my lips are dry, my head is heavy.. 
I miss my brothers.
but my thighs are touching and as a result some of my pants have torn .
I am too lazy for gym and find time for excuses rather than exercise.
I am doing a wang mei zhi ke (looking at the berry to quench my thirst). 
Humour me a little while I show you what I am missing...

Tough Situations

In face with tough situations.
I thought my situation is bad. But not that bad yet compared to what some people are facing. Many times, I am consumed by my inner saddness. But when i hear of people going through tougher situations, I sigh a breath of relief.
I heard of a friend of my husband being ill-stricken with cancer, she is fighting for her life even as I am blogging. I heard of a uni friend who passed away recently from nose cancer, I see in the news of the sudden passing of a talented actress from a skiing accident, I heard of a grand auntie who is diagnosed with cancer, I heard of people who is struggling with self worth and loneliness, I know of a friend who is fighting to adjust to a new life, I know of a couple who subject themselves to all kinds of pain just have children. Financial crisis has brought forth more pain among us. And the list goes on.
Life's really tough. I thought my situation is tough, but I really cannot imagine myself lying in the hospital bed fighting... Perhaps when someone saw me years ago will sigh a breath of relief that her children are fine. How difficult can our life situations be, how do we measure? is mine tougher than yours? I cannot understand why some of these things happen? Perhaps we need tough situations to toughen us up. Opposites attracts. Equal amounts of bliss and tribulations in this world. While one is born another dies. While one is smiling another cries. While one enjoy the Sun another feels the cold. Without the opposites, we won't know the value of life because we will have nothing to compare against.
I pray for all who are caught in their lives tough situations, they will find peace. Somewhere out there their stories will be heard and people will learn as a result what to cherish and what to be grateful for.

p.s. Hang on hang on.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Birthday Bag

Today is my good friend Janice's Birthday.
A week and a half ago we were scratching our heads on what to get for her.
By the way, Happy Birthday Janice! 
I must confess, am not a very creative person. 
So decided to hint to her that I will be giving her an angpow.. but she requested for a bag instead.
So I have decide to employ Dora's creative sewing skills to sew a bag. 
I sneaked into Kamdar to buy some fabrics.. things which I think she may like.. but I guess I bought what I liked. 
Secretly, I brought back the cloth and show them to Dora. My genius sister aka cofounder of "Wonderful Mistakes" took a look, told me no problem and brought them home to sew. It took her a solid 5 hours to finish. 
The following monday she showed me the almost finished  bag and ask me bring it home to add that little something to it before she finish.
The point I want to make in this blog entry is ..
this bag is my first bag design. I drew inspiration from another bag I have. But the fabric combination is something I thought about..I love it . I love the fact that Dora manage to turn my ideas into a reality. I love the way it look even though it wasn't finish.  I sat there that night wondering if Janice would love it as much as I do. I am a crazy bag fan and can always do with an extra bag. I set there with my first design.. and wish it would stay there with me forever. 
I took some pictures with it. I took pictures while I am sewing it. I took becos I know it is not my to keep. 
it is a bag. what if it had been a child you carry inside you for nine months.. what would that feeling be like? 
I parted it with the comfort knowing that my friend who now owns it would cherish and love it perhaps more than me and dora. 

All of us Peppies love you very much Janice.. so we went through so many discussions before deciding on what to give you this year..though we know how you feel about an angpow but really we do want you to decide ultimately... cos all of us want you to be happy. 
Lots of love always 
p.s look up dora's blog at on related article.

A mei's concert

One of the best female singers of our times.
Very passionate and very powerful performance.
Absolutely love her. 

Friday, March 20, 2009


I have overblogged. I read too many blogs and have been blogging every night.
This exercise over stimulates my brains,
I find hard to sleep. while trying to sleep I think about my fellow bloggers and things I've read.
I did not have caffeine but feel equally as high. Highly charged with emotions and opinions.
I wrote my blog and commented on other people's blogs..late into the night searching...
I am frustrated to find no new entry on some of my favourite missing an episode of my favourite series.  It's 2 am and I can't sleep.
It's 9am and I can't wake. It's 3pm and I want to sleep. It's 5pm and I want to blog ...again.
Like the newly weds, I am having my honeymoon now with the blog. We have yet quarrel or grown sick of each other.
It's a blogger's suicide to continue this.. so my friends tonight I shall play you some piped-in music.. enjoy while I go brain dead for tonight.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uncle Lee Uncle Lee

It is my routine to read it keeps me in touch with the latest news mainly from Singapore and Malaysia. The website features important world news to the most sensational news gossips. Just how a Singaporean living in Malaysia likes it.
I came across this article on Minster Mentor Mr. Lee Kwan Yew saying to "Exhort Chinese Parents in Singapore". I reacted very strongly, mixed feelings overwhelmed me. 
I think to myself such a hypocrite and so very ironic.
EXHORT in 2009? My mother went to a chinese high school in Singapore during the 50s. 
That's the time when Singapore just gained its independence, when the british left and when Mr Lee Kwan Yew was trying to gain popularity among the grassroots population. PAP (people action party) Capital P.. for Propoganda. Cannot blame them cos a lot of population are hard labourers with little education and low income. The Nation needed moulding, reshaping and alot needed to be done. 
My mother together with her group of friends speak Mandarin and write perfect chinese. But as the nation grew there was little opportunities for them. Everyone who tried to "Internationalise" their businesses, wanted someone who can speak English. Being multi-racial, English became the common language for the nation.
The English Ed became the Elite and Chinese Ed became the rejects. 
School Subjects are all in English , Chinese Schools are only by name but not by practice. 
I had one Chinese class it was compulsory subject, you have to pass it. 
Mandarin is my mother tougue, my English is horrendous may still be.. in fact i used to be too shy to even speak English cos people would laugh at my grammar. 
Times are different. Now China have become the big world economy player, it is acceptable to speak Mandarin and know Chinese again.    
I realised as a byproduct of my nations policies, i became a biligual. fluent in both English and Mandarin. unlike some of my Geng Geng Singaporeans I am the puah tang zui (water half filled)
I am neither very good in my English or my Chinese. the sad thing is I cannot write Chinese without auto spell and i struggle to read Chinese books or papers. 
Uncle lee what have you done Uncle Lee. 
For the longest time, my mother felt she is below par becos she cannot speak English. 
A lot of her friends shares the same sentiments. 
Exhort them then exhort them now. 
Exhort the ones who brave being ostracize for having more than 2 children during your 70's birth control campaign, for it is their children who works the fields of your nation today. 
Exhort them then exhort them now
Exhort them who embraced creativity who think Art is more than Science, for it is them who breathe lives to the lifeless souls in the nation.
Exhort them then exhort them now
Exhort those who speak their minds, rebel against the norms, break the barriers, for it is them who give a voice to the new generation.
I exhort you Uncle Lee then and I Exhort you now. 
You will forever be my hero, for it is you who made Singapore what it is and gave me a place which I call home. 
but look at all of us closely with more hearts and less minds for we are the sons and daughters of your land.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crazy weather

Scorching Hot.. Pouring rain
Why is the weather like this?
33 degrees.. then it drops 23 degrees
Hot then cold.
Drive people nuts. Drive me nuts.
I got sun burnt in the morning got drench at night.
Why like that?
like the weather my mood fluctuates.
One min I am happy, warm and helpful, next min I am angry and sad.
I am not the only person who feels this way i think.
also I will ask Why like that?
to my fellow humans.... sorry, cos perhaps we are indeed only human.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Everyday is a Party

Hayley likes parties. There is a constant party scene playing in her head.

Holiday-Petaling Street

We did it! I suggested a trip to Petaling Street. 
Somewhere with no air con and rows rows of franchise stores.
Ok.. instead we got rows and rows of fake watches and luxury handbags.
The purpose of the trip was to visit KL Commercial bookstore.
A chinese bookstore. soak up some local cultures and flavours.
We ate at the food court behind the street.
we tried everything. Yong Tau Foo is fantastic, Chee Cheong Fun is good, 
Assam Laksa is good too, curry noodle ok, pork ball noodle is pingping.
looking at some of old buildings reminds me of my childhood days.
the building used to looked like this too. I can't say what style are they cos I am not an expert.
I just know the mosaics layout is really familiar. Cannot find them like this is SIngapore anymore
cos they have torn them down and restored them to look different.
I missed them. I missed that feeling. late 70s, 80s and 90s.. 2000s.
I 'll bring my children to places to look at things and experience life in their times.
So that when they grow up, they know exactly what they are looking for. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't you like this

I remember this toy. 
the one I remember looked a bit different
Its very cute cos you can never make it fall
No matter how hard you try pressing it down, it keep bouncing up each time you let go
Its swings around and make a lot of sound
Becos it has bells in its stomach
I like this toy..

I dedicate it to you. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Humble the Bully

She was not a nice kid. Like many kids she couldn't understand why were those children different.
Those children known as friends or schoolmates are intellectually slower.
They were placed in the last class of the school. 'Outcast'..'Stupid' and 'Weird' they were called.
One of them took on a liking to her and she didn't like it.
She resented it. She thought this girl was weird. This girl liked to follow her around in school. 
Somedays if she was in a good mood she would talk to this girl. Some day she turned nasty,she shooed this girl away and asked her to leave her alone. They were 8 or 9 years old then.
This girl never really did anything to provoke her except showing her admiration for her.
She never accepted this girl..

She grew up and she became a nice lady. She thinks about her 'weird' friend once in a while.
Wondering why she then so resented her being. She feels sorry for what she did. 
She has her own children eventually. One of her children is 'special'. He attends a special school.
He is slower than the other kids of his age. She loved him more than life.
She remembered her friend and she thinks perhaps her friend too was special.
learning disability, down syndrome, autism, dyslexic, brain damaged, cerebral palsy... 
She will never know.. 
God has strange plans for one to make amends.