Sunday, July 26, 2009

The storyteller

2+5 = 7 ... july = 7... 1st of july is 7
7 is a Perfect number..

God rested on the Seventh day, sanctified it and made it holy.

a creative soul listens, understands, empathises and feels..
a creative heart retells
a creative being inspires
a creative's art never dies..

I remember because on a joyous occasion you made me sad,
I remember because on a tough day you made it easy
I remember because on a sad night you made me smile

I will remember because you left me gifts
My children will remember because I will not forget.

YA: "I want."
DO: "Madam, this is the best I can do. I cannot bring it to you because I don't know where you are."

Rest in Peace Story teller Yasmin

Friday, July 24, 2009

starting point

The body has finally gave in to the constant abuse and neglect. During the pursuit, one has forgotten the reason.

it is for the money. with the money they feel they have the right.
the right to demand
the right to bargain
the right to abuse

we gave in
because we were after the money
the money which promises the life we want
if we have the money, we would possibly have a key to open that treasure box.
with this it gave us a right
the right to excuse
the right to absent
the right to abuse
hours passed..
with narrow focus we continue to pursue
that is the purpose to our life..
doesn't matter so long as we are an inch closer to our imagination

when it is over..
we suddenly begin to pay the price which was due as a result of our pursuit
the Money we wanted instead of building that dream went
to the doctor
to the shrink
to the many material demands
to our vices

we realised we are now further away from the dream..

a figment of our narrowed imagination.

holding the things we have in our hands.. our values, our principles, our family, our friends, our community.. our heritage.
we have more than what Money can buy..
we hold our dreams right within our hands

The body has finally gave in to the constant abuse and neglect. During the pursuit, one has forgotten the reason.

suddenly black out .. you are called HOME ..
just like that
just like that ..
its over ...

Imagine at what price are we willing to price in pursuit of the dream..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


it would seem too obvious..
that red told black..
black watched the red.
what red told to black was not blue
Blue didn't quite appear yellow
but red told black
yellow it would be
it would seem obvious
the yellow is not
blue is neither
what red told black is not
black cannot understand red.
red wouldn't listen
red will just continue to tell black
black wanted to talk too
black has no voice
at this point black realise
black has no voice.
red, blue, yellow and black... CMYK... MCYK... Maybe it Can Yours to taKe...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making sense

nothing made sense
6 months to plan a wedding ..
the most beautiful gown
a perfect setting
the perfect smile
a ballroom full of guests
with God's blessing
we set off to fulfill the vows.
we start off with a bed, and we build a house
to fill it with little voices, to fill the emptiness within the hearts
but there was no reflection
no one but ourselves
we are not perfect
we are not
now we have no party
no guest would turn up
no celebration except our own
no one but ourselves..
Now we are one
Making sense..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

don't just leave me alone

a lonely man.
a misunderstood man.
a man obsessed in perfecting his craft.
A life devoted to his art perhaps the one thing he knew he couldn't be wrong.
Million even billions followed him.. yet is there one who would stand up to say he/she truly knew him?
a mutated super human.. for sheer entertainment purpose
for our entertainment we admired him, idolised him as much as scrutinised, persecuted and humiliated.
50years on earth... yet he bore a distorted view of life, beauty and what love is
As he was hidden behind his talents and gifts, he thought without it no one would love him
he changed himself so that he can be Perfect for himself.
Perfection was what he gave in his craft..
I have the good fortune to witness this perfection.
I was fascinated by him, in awe of him, in love with him once..

I waited for him to come back..
I never believed what they said about him...
but I never understood who he is..
He was too big for me... I didn't had a chance to say I saw him performed Live in this lifetime..
His legacy lives... and today I will say Michael Jackson... Thank you.
You have given your all...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

end days

Dear God.
am i blessed to be present during the end days..
where once again we have forgotten you.
where we worshipped so many before you
have you harvested and said time have come for judgements
have you stop blessing us with children as you know there are not much left to offer
have we forgotten the sanctity of holy union
have we decide the write our commandments
God my sky is blurry but the sun is beautifully filtered
God the plague of diseases is travelling, they are at my backyard
God I feel your hands moving me, moulding and carving me into a warrior
God have you forgotten to armour me with courage
cos I fear and tremble
I ask ... Dear God be merciful.
(in Jesus name i pray Amen)