Thursday, February 25, 2010

obsessive compulsive perfectionist

Spell my name with L and then end it with a V.
that's my worth.
I want to reach the top,
that's my worth.
Chinese speaks Mandarin, English and BM.
who cares if you have a stomach ache.
tuition as usual
music, ballet and arts..
left brain, right brain plus the damn mind maps.
pass the baton to those tiny hands,
let them shoulder our insecurities, mistakes and failures.
No this is a Generation of Knowledge, Technology and Opportunity.
Generation of Obsessive Compulsive Perfectionists.
Don;t look at the TV now.. your homework is more important.
Don't look at me now cos I have 100 things to do
I am too busy making money..
becos your name is spelt with L and I will end it with V
that's your worth.

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